Interventions and Interventionists — Introduction

The word "Intervention" can mean a number of different things in different situations, and among different kinds of people.  "Intervention" can refer to the initial phase of treatment (meaning 1). Or it can refer to the process of bringing a person to the point where they will accept treatment (meaning 2).  Due to the introduction of the "Johnson Style Intervention" method several decades ago and the TV program "Intervention," we think it is now more common to refer to something roughly akin to a Johnson Style Intervention  or one of the episodes of the TV program, indicating meaning 2.  We use the word both ways, but we attempt to be clear on which we have in mind in each situation.  Even when we use "intervention" in the sense of meaning 2, we might mean something very different from either a Johnson Style Intervention, or an episode of the TV program.  A "meaning 2" intervention can involve a wide variety of approaches.  

A very large portion of these websites are about Intervention (meaning 1), so the rest of this page/ article will focus on meaning 2. Interventions (meaning 2) should be guided by a professional who is highly skilled in guiding people through an intervention.  Many if not most people who claim this expertise describe themselves as "Interventionists."  Interventions are not magic.

However, we give a strong warning about ethical concerns and opacity in this profession.   What you should look for:  (To complete this paragraph and access more information on this topic, go to the full article on this topic. That will require paid membership in the near future.)

Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

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