Residential Treatment, Therapeutic Boarding Schools, and Emotional Growth — Introduction

The terms in the title of this page and a number of others are term that many professionals use as if they admit if standard definitions and people using them knowledgeably all mean the same thing.  Sadly this is not the case, and this fact  tends to lead to serious confusion.  However these terms do NOT have definitions that are universally accepted and the incautious use of any of these can lead to trouble.

We will, over time,  develop explanations of the following terms in this website:

  • Inpatient
  • Residential
  • Residential Treatment Center
  • Residential Treatment Facility
  • Therapeutic School
  • Emotional Growth
  • Emotional Growth School
  • Wilderness Program
  • Therapeutic Wilderness Program
  • Transitional School
  • Conventional Boarding School

Keep in mind that these terms all have varying meanings to different people and in different jurisdictions.

To be further developed.

Last updated September 2, 2013

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