Tom Croke on Slow Processing Speed — Introduction

A major concern at FamilyLight sm has been the correlation between slow processing speed and young people in need of a therapeutic program and/or significant behavioral intervention. For students who do not develop other behavioral and psychological issues as a result of slow processing, we see a very high rate of students shutting down with respect to anything having to do with school by age 16.

I have long had suspicions there was an issue with slow processing, having noticed an abnormally large share of our clients with emotional difficulties having a low score on the coding subtest of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, going back to when the third edition was still the authorized version.   In the summer of 2007, in a telephone conversation with Sally Woodhall, she explained the problem to me from her perspective.  Sally was/is the founder of the Woodhall School.  Although now retired, she was Headmaster at the time of the conversation.

As we revise in August 2014, following an interview with Melissa Peacock, Assistant Dean of Academics at Carlbrook School, we are giving more attention to preparing students for taking their own initiative to respond constructively when faced with learning situations where no one else understands the processing issue and no adjustments are made.

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Last updated updated August 25, 2014

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