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FamilyLight's new Member Area is growing!

This website is becoming your consultant online.  Our new Virtual Consultant service, is designed to provide much of what you would get from a private consultation at a fraction of the price.   As this service develops, new content on this website that is relevant to this service will be placed in our Members' Area,  subject to a subscription fee for access.   With a very few exceptions, all new content, whether Members Only or open to the public, will be in this newer clearer form with a URL.   Some material historically in the public area will move to a URL, whether it remains publicly accessible or become restricted to paid members.  Most pages accessible only to members have an "Introduction" page which will allow those who are not yet members decide if they want to invest in a membership in order to see the content being introduced.

Scroll down this page to become a member. Please read the bold print at the bottom BEFORE you click on the PayPal Icon. If you follow those instructions the process will be much smoother.

Whether you are looking for overall guidance in a step by step process of planning, incisive reports on specific schools and programs, input on issues in the business, or any of many other matters, our Virtual Consultant is the way to go. You can find more information about this on our Virtual Consultant page (accessible to the public) which describes the process we follow with families who seek our guidance through Virtual Consultant.

Why are we charging  for access?  We know that over half of the people entering specialty schools and treatment programs do so based upon internet searches.   We also know how much wrong and misleading information is on the Internet. Many families simply will not pay the cost of working with a consultant.  Many others are guided by well meaning professionals such as local care providers, hospital social workers, and insurance companies' care "advocates." Most of these are well meaning, although the ones associated with insurance companies have a primary responsibility of minimizing cost to the insurance company.  We want to share our knowledge so that families can do their planning more accurately. But to do this means devoting most of our time to it, so the project needs to generate revenue.

We refuse to bias our content by meeting the cost  of developing this site by seeking advertising revenue from the schools and programs we discuss here.  The only other way to develop revenue to support the site is to ask those who use the site to pay a reasonable fee.  We want you to be able to trust unbiased information from us.

Introductory offer - $25.00 per month.   If you join now, you can be assured that you will be able to continue your membership for at least six months at the current rate, while the price may be increased for new members. This is a price increase from $10; those who joined at $10 remain at $10.  Please read all of bold print below BEFORE you click on the PalPal icon. This is not the usual Yada Yada and will help you to avoid the problems others have had along the way.  This saves time and frustration for you and may avoid time and frustration for us.  People who are already members may continue at this time at $10 per month, at least for now.

To purchase a membership, click on the PayPal icon shown here:


    1. When PayPal processes your purchase, you will get a registration form to complete.  Your membership should be working when you complete that purchase. Your computer screen will automatically go our page that acknowledges that you have "signed in" or "logged in." 
    2. Please note that when you purchase, this becomes a recurring charge.  You can stop the charges at any time by notification to PayPal by the process they have established. (Then your access to the member/ subscription areas will stop after thirty days from your last payment)  You will continue to be charged each month until you do this. When it is time to stop charges, you must do that through PayPal. PayPal calls your order for recurring payments a "profile."  We call it your "PayPal  Payment Profile"so you don't confuse it with your FamilyLight profile.  PayPal's website will show you how to cancel your (PayPal Payment) Profile.  If you cannot understand PayPal's directions for doing that, contact us.  We will try to guide you.   

    3. Please note that if you enter comments or participate in our forums, your registered name will appear.  If you wish to remain anonymous, register with an assumed first name with "Anonymous" for your last name or family name.  Or you can change to that later by going to your FamilyLight profile. You can change anything in your FamilyLight profile except your username while you are a member. We would have preferred not to use the word "profile" in both situations, but our WordPress software and PayPal's procedures deny us that option.
    4. We cannot access your password or your credit card information.   PayPal retains exclusive access to your credit card information. Your password is recorded as provided by our WordPress software but does not provide access to anyone but whoever is signed into your account.
    5. The best way to contact us, if you need to do so, is to use a Comment Box on almost every page in the website, like the one below.  If you try to email us, your email might be confused with spam and miss it.  We try to be careful about that but errors do happen. If what you write in the comment box is intended to be a message just to us and not for the public to see, please begin with "Private Message."  We will get that notification and it will not to to spam. 

Last updated November 2, 2017

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