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Last updated January 12, 2018

4 thoughts on “Ask FamilyLight a Question

  1. My son turns 18 December 15–are either of these programs ( Wediko and Family Foundation) appropriate? What is the financial difference? I can’t call tonight bc they’re close until the morning.
    Thanks. Chris

    • I don’t like to quote prices and, in any case, I don’t know the specific answer as to costs in any case.

      Family Foundation School/ Allynwood Academy is priced as a therapeutic school and Wediko as a residential treatment center. In addition Allynwood will consider financial aid in hardship situations. My guess would be that Allynwood is about 2/3 of the cost of Wediko.

      If your son does not turn 18 until December 2014, you do have time to get him into programs for the under 18s. Once he is 17 1/2, some doors begin to close.

  2. What is your current impression of Summit Preparatory School in Kalispell Montana? Do you think they would be considered a “Positive Intervention” program?

  3. Carol,

    [Addition October 2017: My opinion of Summit Prep has changed — really a 180 degree change. Old problems have been corrected. We had tremendous success with one client coming from a family that could not have paid the full charges at Summit. The financial aid was generous and the therapeutic care was first rate in every respect. We are now comfortable recommending Summit to a well matched student.]

    First, I never formally gave that status because it was tied to responding to my questionnaire which programs found too onerous to complete. We will get back to that concept in the future.

    Summit has a fabulous physical plant but when I used it I found too many shortcuts. For example individual therapy occurs only once per week — or that was what was promised at the time. However on a student stay of less than a year the assigned therapist was away seven weeks between vacation, conferences and training. Nothing was ever done to make up the missed sessions. I did not feel the family got their money’s worth.

    The therapist was excellent when she was there. Aside from the amazing physical plant, nothing make Summit special to me.


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