Gradings and Ratings –Introduction

We are continuously developing and expanding our Gradings and Ratings System. Some schools and programs are not yet rated. Please ask a question if you do not find a rating on a school or program of interest to you. This is what our letter grades mean:

  • A = We have confidence in every aspect of this school or program.
  • B= A quality offering with some specific area where we would welcome change, but is still a resource which we are proud to recommend to people who fit their mission.
  • C= A resource with significant room for improvement but which we might recommend in some specific situations.
  • D= A facility or company or organization which we are very unlikely to recommend but we believe that some people benefit from it in some specific situations.
  • E/F=A facility we absolutely do not recommend.
  • NR= not rated  (differs from a program where we simply don't show a rating. No rating showing means we simply haven't gotten to it yet.  NR means that for a specific reason we are choosing not to rate the facility/ organization at this time and do not anticipate doing so in the near future).

Some ratings show as "Provisional."  This occurs when we have some knowledge of a school or program and enter the Rating we THINK is appropriate, but we plan to study further then review our rating.

Caution:  The most important consideration when selecting a school or program is the "match" or "fit" with the needs and personality of the person for whom admission is considered, not the placement on this list. In many situations a "B" rated facility will be a better choice than an "A" rated facility because what the "B" facility offers is more specifically responsive to the needs of the person at issue. A B rating is a very positive rating. Sometimes you are better off even taking the "C" facility for the same reason.

Currently Rated/ Graded (to see the actual Grading/ Rating for each school or program, you must be a member):

Transport/ Escort Services:

Notice:  We are currently not downgrading programs for noncompliance with the standard we think should be applied on the matter of the spiritual and religious dimension of healing, as very few programs are doing this in a manner we think is acceptable. We anticipate doing so at later time.

Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

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Last updated December 27, 2017

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