Index to Schools, Programs, and other Entities

This is an index of every school, program, supportive organization known to us that is reasonably of interest to families seeking non-local self-financed services for a loved one in need of therapeutic services, with one very narrow exception. It is part of the free public access area of the website.  Please let us know if you know of school, program or other entity we should be including and is not here. Please also be aware that it is possible that we have included some programs that only work in the public sector. We have not done that intentionally, but when in doubt we choose to err on the side of inclusion.

Listings are alphabetical.  If the name begins with numerals, we alphabetize according to the first letters in the name.

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Some comments and clarifications:

If the name of the item begins with a number, normally written as a numeral, it will be alphabetized according to the first word in the name, ignoring the numeral.

Those schools and programs showing only a link to their own websites are eligible to be included in our search, review, and rating systems as we develop them. Those we do not believe are eligible are linked to an explanation.

We have not, at this point, included references to educational consultants, special needs consultants and other referring professionals and we do not currently plan to list them comprehensively at any point.  But we do intend to list in the very near future those who have assisted in some way with this website. We may (or may not) develop a comprehensive list of professional referral sources on the pay-to-access member section.   We intend to be comprehensive involving all other non-local self-pay resources for families with special needs issues.

If we have included something you do not think belongs here, note that when in doubt, we have chosen to err on the side of inclusion.   But if you believe we have erred, tell us in the comment box at the bottom of the page where the error occurred. These comments do not become visible to the public unless we approve them.   If you intend it as a message to us and do not want it to go public, say so, and we won't approve it for public view.

If a school, program, or other entity you think should be included in our comprehensive index is missing, then one of the following applies: 

  • We simply do not know that school, program, or other entity exists (please tell us about it).
  • We do not believe it serves special needs except possibly learning differences with no emotional, psychological, or behavioral complications.
  • We do not believe that it is of interest beyond the immediate local surrounding area.
  • We do not believe it is seeking participation or patronage from people paying privately as opposed to clients funded by public agencies.
  • We do not believe it serves people under 50 years of age (we have no plans to address largely geriatric issues)
  • We do not believe it is designed to meet the needs of Americans and others who interact comfortably in American language and culture.

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