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Schools and programs listed on this page have come to our attention for any of a number of reasons, but we are not giving them further attention because they are not focused on people with special needs and/or do not, to our knowledge, include programming specifically for people with special needs.  In many (and perhaps all) cases these programs are high quality within their claimed areas of expertise.

Academic programming:  

This section involves academic programming that was on a list suggested to us for inclusion in our index, but our information indicates that they are strictly academic programs that do not specifically target people with special needs.  Because they appeared on that kind of list we put it in our index so people would know that we are aware of the school or other program but determined that it does address special needs in a manner that fits our area of concern.  This is not to assert that they never make any accommodations for special needs;  we do not know that.  But they all appear have a primary academic focus that does not fit our population of interest:

  • Interlochen Arts Academy    This very fine institution has no relationship at all with the kind of programming we feature. We list it in our index because we found it on a list of schools with special needs focus.  We include it here so we can enter a note that it is NOT our kind of programming. It is one of the finest private high schools in the country focusing on the arts. 
  • Maur Hill-Mount Academy -- The website  of Abundant Life Academy gives a list of  "Kansas Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens" and includes this school on that list.  The website of this school gives every appearance that this is simply a Roman Catholic (Benedictine) academic school.   We see no evidence that they are or want to be perceived as a school for troubled teen.
  • Miller School of Albemarle:  This appears to be a grade 8-12 academic institution with no representations of focus on special needs.   We have no idea why it was suggested for inclusion.

Camping and Adventure:

We noticed the organizations listed below because they involve camping and  adventure activities and/or expeditions, but believe they fall outside our area of interest. We believe they are not primarily for people with behavioral, emotional, or other special needs areas.

  • Deer Hill Expeditions
  • Longacre  
  • National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)
  • Outward Bound -- This very high quality organization offers wilderness expeditions for tweens through adult. They developed their well deserved reputation working with high functioning clientele, as have the organizations immediately above. They have added to their menu of services programming for "at-risk" youth, called Intercept.  We do not have confidence in Outward Bound programing for that particular population.  For that population, we expect to see a clinical component that Outward Bound/ Intercept does not to our knowledge provide. Because they do this much, we may follow up with regular entries at some point, but we will not be recommending this aspect of their programming if it remains as we now see it.

Confusion with relevant services: 

  • Care Group -- This is a consortium of hospitals in the Greater Boston area, listed in this website only to prevent confusion with "Centers for Adolescent Recovery and Education"  which is also known as The Care Group.   The latter organization operates programming directly of concern to FamilyLight.

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Last update September 17, 2016

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