Day Program of Potential Non-Local Interest

Occasionally we find a day school or program that might warrant a family with genuine flexibility to relocate to take advantage of that program.   When that happens, we include that school or program  in our search, review, and rate system.  Until we can enter it into that system with a review, we will list it here.

Sometimes a day program needs to be mentioned because of its relationship to programs of interest to us and our readers.  The link on the name points to the website of the program named.

  • High Focus Centers  Please note our potential conflict of interest. This is a chain of outpatient services with a well established quality reputation in Northern New Jersey. In 2012 they were acquired by Pyramid Healthcare. Since that acquisition, they have been attempting to open Waypointe, a residential setting where young adult men with mental health issues can reside while getting outpatient services at one of the High Focus Centers.  Both Pyramid Healthcare and Waypointe are in our area of interest, and each has its own page on this website.  High Focus is outpatient only except for Waypointe, so we will not create a page for High Focus.             
  • October Road  Please note our potential conflict of interest. This is an outpatient mental health service in Asheville, North Carolina.  In 2012 October Road was acquired by Pyramid HealthcareWe believe that October Road has long been a quality operation, but we don't give it a page because it is strictly outpatient. October Road does provide some outpatient services for Real Recovery. We have confidence that this is consistent with the quality we consistently see at Real Recovery.  

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Last Updated July 10, 2017

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