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This group of programs which we believe has primarily common ownership (minority interests may differ a bit from one program to another without our knowledge)  will not be included in our New Format beyond the listings in the Index and here.   Steve Nadauld,  the person we understand to be a co-owner who functions as CEO of the group (we are not certain that he claims that title) has advised us that they will sue us if we make any reference to them of any kind in our activities.    This happened pursuant to advocacy for a client in one of their facilities quite a number of years ago.

Five  matters to note:

  1. We have the same right as any news gathering organization to report on any school, program, or other organization we choose, so long as we do not falsely and maliciously defame that organization.  We choose not to go beyond what appears here and what appeared on our Old Format website, in making reference to this organization, as we simply choose not to tempt a legal battle even if we are  challenged in a claim that is frivolous. We are open to meeting with the owners of these programs to resolve any misunderstandings and/or past concerns if they so desire.  However in the unlikely event other organizations using this approach to avoid accountability we will alter our approach. We do not intend to let this become a pattern among programs that do not want to be accountable.
  2. Nothing on this page or any other page of the FamilyLight websites should be understood to either endorse or disparage the day to day operations of these facilities.   We simply do not know about their current level of day to day quality.
  3. We do expect programs we endorse and to which we refer clients to be accountable to their participants, the families of participants and referral sources. We encourage our readers  to make sure any program or organization with which they do business will be accountable for delivering services as represented. Regardless of the general quality of services delivered in any program, we lack confidence in these facilities to meet our expectations of accountability.
  4. We do not encourage referrals to any of these programs.
  5. We will be adding suggestions of alternate programs to those listed here.

This organization has no connection with Discovery School of Virginia for Girls and Discovery School of Virginia for Boys.

We will not allow reader comments on this page or at other locations pertaining to this organization.

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