Local Interest Programming and/or Interest only in Public Funded Participants

Programming listed here is programming which mostly appears to us to be well prepared to serve people from their own immediate local areas and/or those supported by public funding. If you followed a link from a specific index listing to get here, check the name below to see if more specific information is available regarding that entry. Programs primarily insurance funded are not necessarily put in this group, although we might include in this group programs targeting people with the most restrictive HMO type health care coverage.

If a program appearing here is a member of NATSAP, we have contacted the program and they either did not respond our question, or they confirmed that the belong in this group.  The only exception to that would be programs that joined NATSAP after we last checked their on-line member roster.

Programs listed here are welcome to contact us with why they should be included in our search, review, and rating system.

  • Adaptive Learning Center
  • Bridges Academy (Los Angeles, CA)  -- Included to prevent confusion with Bridges Academy, Bend Oregon.
  • Camp Recovery Center
  • CBR Youth Connect    ---  Appears to have dropped residential programming
  • Cedar Springs BHS aka Cedar Springs Hospital
  • Center for Adaptive Learning
  • Cottonwood Residential Treatment Center (Missouri)  This is clearly a facility operated by the Missouri mental health authority for state supported patients. The only reason we listed it at all is to prevent confusion with Cottonwood programs in Utah and Arizona.
  • Do-It School  -- Day School -- Renamed Granite Hill School
  • Gateway Health Care  (Rhode Island) -- We include Gateway Healthcare only to avoid confusion with other organizations named "Gateway."
  • Gateway Rehabilitation (Pittsburgh)   --  We include Gateway Rehabilitation in this category with some regret because at one time it was nationally a leader in developing methods in addiction rehabilitation, especially due to the contribution of Dr. Abraham Twerski.   It still serves many private pay families although we understand the clientele to be mostly from Western Pennsylvania and very nearby West Virginia and Ohio.
  • Granite Hill School -- Day School
  • Heritage Youth Services  --  This is a Utah organization providing primarily public funded  services in Utah. It also owns Birdseye RTC, a program serving private clients that will be included in our search, review, and rate system.
  • Independence Center (Colorado)
  • Independence Center (St. Louis, Missouri)
  • Juliette Fowler Homes, Inc.,  Children, Youth, & Family Services
  • Lawrence Hall Youth Services We phoned this program (Summer 2014) because they are members of NATSAP, and generally only schools and programs in our range of interest would join NATSAP.   We asked if they served private pay clients from outside the Chicago area.   The person I asked seemed confused by the question, and said that question needed  to go to (I think she said) the legal department.   Until otherwise advised by an authoritative  source we will treat this as a local only/ public funded only resource.  The mystery of NATSAP membership shall be on the back burner. 
  • North Star Centre (Florida) -- This appears to be an outpatient only service of local interest.  We included only because we are labeling another facility of similar name "closed." and we wanted to avoid damaging the interests of this program by creating an appearance that they have closed.
  • Rawhide Boys' Ranch  --  This program appears to be local interest in the Milwaukee WI area.   By appearances it once offered residential services that have been discontinued.
  • St. Francis Academy  --   The website  of Abundant Life Academy gives a list of  "Kansas Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens" and includes this name  on that list. Our research indicates that is probably a reference to the Salina West Psychiatric  Facility, operated by St. Francis Community Services. See the reference to that facility on this page.  
  • Safe Harbor appears on some lists with Christian Boarding Schools.  We mention it because of that but it is a non-residential Christian family support program of local interest in the Birmingham Alabama area.
  • Salina West Psychiatric Residential Facility appears to be the current official name for what has previously been known as the St. Francis Academy.  This is a psychiatric residential treatment facility of local interest with patients supported by  public and charitable sources.  It is operated by St. Francis Community Services.
  • Sequel Youth and Family Services (Formerly Three Springs)   Currently only Auldern Academy, of the Sequel interests is relevant to the concerns of FamilyLight.  All other Sequel programming appears to be local interest and public funded only.   We will continue to show interest in Auldern Academy.
  • Seven Hills Foundation  is a Massachusetts based provider of social services and behavioral health services primarily in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  It has recently (June 2014) acquired Stetson School, which also serves primarily publicly funded young people but does accept private clients.  So Stetson School will remain eligible for search, rate and review.
  • Starr Commonwealth is a well established public sector provider serving primarily Michigan, except for Montcalm Schools which is a private offering of quality.
  • Vision Quest  is a well established Pennsylvania based company that has been almost exclusively working with publicly supported young people, especially adolescents.  Vision Quest has made a number of very credible attempts to break into the private market.   We would welcome a further effort toward that end.
  • White Deer Run  (CRC Health)
  • Youth Homes Group Care
  • Youth Villages  is a national chain headquartered in Memphis TN, which appears to us to be working primarily if not exclusively with publicly funded children.  We had previously listed the Merck Center at Germaine Lawrence, willing to err on the side of listing vs. not listing when unsure of openness to private referral, but we believe all Youth Villages programming is essentially designed for public funding sources. Not to be confused with Utah Youth Village, which is an entirely separate organization.

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Last Updated January 22, 2016  (Accuracy on some items last verified in September 2014)  Minor correction June 11,2016

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