Schools and Programs on the Margins of our Focus

Schools and programs included here are in the borderline area of appropriate inclusion.  That they are located here does not imply poor quality.   Therefore we are putting our priority on getting schools and programs that are more clearly therapeutic into our search, review, and rating system.   Schools, programs, and other entities listed here are likely to be moved into the system after we complete entries for higher priority items.  In some cases we provide comments next to the name of a the programs here to give some guidance as to appropriateness.

  • Grand River Academy -- This boys' boarding school near Ashtabula Ohio includes a high percentage of students transitioning from therapeutic settings and seems quite expert with that population.  We understand it to be one of the very most structured and supportive schools operating in the style of a conventional boarding school.  Please note our conflict of interest.  We were paid to consult on an internal matter at Grand River Academy in 2003.  We have the highest confidence in this school. Serving students who have not been successful in other educational environments is their mission, not a fallback position. They endeavor to keep admissions open all year around.
  • Fay School  --  This is a junior boarding school that sometimes serves students who might be considered for a special needs program.   It is not primarily a special needs school.
  • Franklin Academy -- This is a school specifically for students with NonVerbal Learning Disorder and very high functioning people on the Autism Spectrum.  It makes no claim to be a therapeutic school.
  • Kootenai Behavioral Health Center -- See "North Idaho Behavioral Health" below
  • Hebron Academy -- A conventional (not therapeutic) boarding school that accepts students from transitioning from therapeutic programs.
  • Maplebrook School --  This is not a therapeutic or behavioral change school in any way.  It is an educational institution of great quality that serves students with lower IQs than we expect to see in most conventional boarding schools.
  • Middlebridge School -- This is an excellent school for children with learning disabilities that may include Non Verbal Learning Disorder, ADHD,  and very high functioning autism.  They make no claim to be a therapeutic school.  Key staff of the now closed Pine Ridge Academy (Vermont)  create the culture of the school.
  • North Idaho Behavioral Health (Kootenai Health Behavioral Health Center) This is the Hospital that admits patients of Innercept who require hospitalization.  As of this writing, their website shows George Ulrich, MD, owner of Innercept, as a "Health Affiliate" but not one of the five doctors who appear as members of the "Kootenai Clinic Staff."  Apart from its apparent relationship to Innercept, this appears to a medical center that includes psychiatric and chemical dependency services of local interest.
  • Phelps School is a very supportive, conventional boarding school.   It will consider admitting students transitioning from therapeutic environments in selective cases.  It is not in any way therapeutic boarding school itself.
  • Purnell School a supportive school that accepts some students who have been to therapeutic environments.
  • Rock Point School -- This is a boarding school that is not a therapeutic school but frequently accommodates students with therapeutic needs who utilize community providers. We have the highest confidence in this school.
  • Wolfeboro: The Summer Boarding School   --  Wolfeboro is neither a therapeutic school nor a school  for behaviorally challenging students.  We include it because it is sometimes a next step for students who have successfully completed a therapeutic program.  We have the highest confidence in this school.

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Last Updated May 25, 2017

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