School Prefers not to be Included

Schools listed here are schools we would have welcomed into our Search and Review Section but requested to be left out. In each case the reason they did not want to be included is that they do not want to be confused with schools for behaviorally troubled students.  In most cases the reason why we would have been willing to include them is their openness to working with very high functioning students with some symptoms in the general area of Asperger's or Non Verbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) or very mild autism or mild to moderate  ADHD.

A school or non-therapeutic program of another kind might be included here because it has, with great care, accepted students who have some prior history of therapeutic or behavioral intervention -- successfully completed --  and that being at most a very small minority of their population.   Again the school or program does not want to be included here as they  do not want to be perceived as serving students with active behavioral or emotional problems.

In each case we strongly concur that these  are not schools for students with behavioral significant emotional issues.  (What teenager does not have SOME emotional issues?)

However, since we attempt to be comprehensive for schools that might serve a student with some symptoms that appear to be in the Asperger's/ NVLD/ very high functioning autism/ mild to moderate ADHD,  or prior history of successfully completed treatment for behavioral or emotional issues,  we did not want our readers to think schools mentioned here could not be appropriate for a student with some of these issues.  Please contact the school to determine appropriateness or contact us or another educational or special needs consultant for guidance. Please do not contact these schools about students at risk due to behavioral or emotional issues that are not narrowly and strictly consistent with the profile described.

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Last updated May 25, 2014

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