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Listing a school or program here means an explanation is in order that does not fit into other categories.

  • Bright Futures Baja On June 11, 2016, we received an email from Kenny Pannell and Mary Alexine describing Bright Futures Baja, a service they are planning to develop. No website at this time. For information phone 406-250-2548 or email brightfuturesbaja@gmail.com.  Return to Index      
  • DBT Center of Southern California The websites are strangely vague on this.  What appears to be happening is that the DBT Center of Southern California, primarily an outpatient program of local interest, is working cooperatively with Clearview Treatment Programs, which operates a residential program in San Diego.  It appears to us that  the DBT Center provides DBT services to Clearview patients.
  • Intermountain Hospital RTC, Boise Idaho   This hospital appears to continue to be in operation but the non-hospital residential treatment program for adolescents formerly operated by the hospital appears to have been discontinued.  However they do operate a free standing dual diagnosis (primary substance abuse with mental health complications) residential treatment program for adults known as New Start.
  • Narcanon Arrowhead  is a residential treatment program operated by Narcanon, closely affiliated with the Church of Scientology.  The name often causes people to confuse it with Nar-Anon, a twelve step group for families of addicts. There is no connection between the two and no similarity that we can see.  We do not ever endorse or recommend Narcanon programming.  If you are considering Narcanon programming we strongly urge you, in addition to giving fair consideration to Narcanon's own promotional material, to giving careful consideration of the widely circulated criticisms and warnings about The Church of Scientology in general and Narcanon in particular.
  • Provo Canyon Behavioral Hospital --  This hospital occupies a very modern and attractive building that was once occupied the Provo Canyon School programming for girls and for the youngest boys. Those groups have been moved to the new campus at Springville, Utah.  Universal Health Services then created a psychiatric hospital on that site.   Because of the similarity of name and the history of use of that site by Provo Canyon School, people might tend to expect this hospital to be an extension of Provo Canyon School.   It is not.  Its only operational connection with Provo Canyon School is that both are owned by Universal Health Services.  In addition to the fact that Provo Canyon School has moved away from most if not all of the practices that has made it controversial, this hospital is a completely separate entity, not influenced by the history and traditions of Provo Canyon School.
  • Red River Academy  -- See Worldwide Association of Specialty Programs (WWASP)  below
  • Rushford at Stonegate  --  This is a male only adolescent substance abuse and dual diagnosis program which we will include in our search, review and rate system.   However at one point, under direction of Dr. Frank Bartolomeo, this was also an in depth evaluation program. That service has been withdrawn, we suspect because it did not work out financially, and Dr. Bartolomeo has moved on to other pursuits.  We imply nothing negative in pointing out the change of service.
  • Structure House ownership  can be confusing.  It is part of  Acadia Healthcare, having been acquired as part of CRC Healthcare. At the time of that acquisition, Structure House was known as "Wellspring at Structure House." CRC Health had owned a group of eating disorder programs that operated  under the name "Wellspring," although the other Wellspring programs were a different kind of operation. About the same time that Acadia acquired CRC, they sold the Wellspring brand to RiverMend.  Structure house was not part of that sale despite its use of the Wellspring name.  It continues to be part of Acadia.
  • Today, Inc., formerly was a freestanding not-for-profit treatment and prevention program in suburban Philadelphia area (Langhorne, PA) with a complete continuity of levels of services. The treatment services have been acquired by Pyramid Healthcare.  The original not-for-profit Today, Inc. continues to operate as a prevention program. The property where Today, Inc. formerly provided residential services is now occupied by a Pyramid operated adult treatment program, catering to publicly supported and insurance based services.
  • Worldwide Association of Specialty Programs  (WWASP)   --  This is  an apparently defunct organization of schools and programs that were broadly criticized for alleged mistreatment of their students and residents.   We have never been  able to gain clarity about the actual ownership and other connections between them. For a time these programs were jointly marketed.   Robert Litchfield was rumored to be owner or a major investor in them although actual corporate connections were obscure. Narvin Litchfield, brother of Robert Litchfield, appeared to be involved. Apparently affiliated programming operated in the United States, Mexico, Czech Republic, and Costa Rica. Out of date Review appears in our old format.  We currently re-affirm one statement from that:  We would not recommend any program now or previously affiliated with in any way the WWASP organization or Robert Litchfield or Narvin Litchfield, without seeing credible evidence that the concerning practices that were alleged to have occurred at programs with those affiliations have been abandoned and safe broadly accepted practices are replacing them.  A partial list of names of programs that appear to be closed, but  sometimes alleged to be associated with  this group follows, although we cannot fully confirm connection in some cases.  
    • Carolina Springs
    • Casa by the Sea
    • Cross Creek Academy
    • Cross Creek Center
    • Cross Creek Manor
    • Horizon Academy
    • Paradise Cove
    • Spring Creek Lodge
    • Tranquility Bay
    • Please leave a message in "Comments" if you remember the names of any others.
    • In addition to that list, a self-proclaimed parent advocate, Sue Scheff, has indicated on a web page that "Red River Academy" is associated in some way.  We reference that page with great caution as we do not endorse Ms. Scheff as a reliable source of guidance to families in need.  We see two websites leading to what Ms. Scheff might have in mind, but no further information at at this time other than what is on those websites. We have listed them in our Index Letter R.  If we acquire more information, it will be linked either here or in our Index Letter R or both.  Please use this information with caution.  We do not actually know for sure if the practices for which WWASP programs were so harshly criticized are actually in play at  Red River Academy.   We do not know for sure that there is or ever was a connection.  
    • Midwest Academy, apparently still in operation, has been reported by some to have been affiliated and/ or influenced by the WWASP group.   Please use this information with caution.  We do not actually know for sure if the practices for which WWASP programs were so harshly criticized are actually in play at Midwest Academy or if there is any connection at all.
    • Both Red River Academy and Midwest Academy are subject to later inclusion in our search, review and rate system.

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