Research Supported Procedures; “Best Practices” and “Evidence Based Practices” — Introduction

Therapeutic care is best when research guides and supports the methods used and the care is delivered by caring people who inspire trust. However we see many improper references to research in the promotional materials of many schools and programs.  We want readers to see this page as an extension of our Warnings page. Families planning for stays in residential schools and programs should read both this page and the Warnings page carefully, as both direct attention to traps easy to fall into, if not guided by a truly experienced consultant.

The great value of research guidance notwithstanding, we advise anyone who approaches decision making on where to go for treatment be guided by research claims only if they heed the warnings on the full discussion page. 

The full discussion of this topic is currently available.  If you are a Member, click here to view that page.

April 19, 2018

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