Bipolar Disorder — Introduction

Part of note from Tom, our consultant, to Virtual Consultant Member/ Subscriber:

After my interaction with you on this matter, I got to thinking about your interest in “bipolar” services. If your child is firmly diagnosed as bipolar and needs care you cannot access locally, you probably should be looking at either RTC level care or a therapeutic boarding school where the psychiatric services are especially strong.  Most therapeutic boarding schools (and some RTCs) have only a part time psychiatrist whose only involvement is to prescribe meds.  That is probably not a good idea.  I think the optimal support is a full time nurse practitioner (NP) or physician assistant (PA) who is vital consistently participating member of the treatment team, where that person as very significant access to an MD psychiatrist of great reputation.  Note that I do not have a handle on the specific need here. Please treat this paragraph as the generalization that it is.

The full page on this topic includes bulleted considerations that should be considered when planning for a person with bipolar disorder.  Keep in mind that the DSM-5 identifies two versions of bipolar disorder, bipolar 1 and bipolar 2.  Our full page on this topic also addresses this distinction.

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Last updated March 30, 2018

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