Residential Treatment, Therapeutic Boarding, and other Services: A Guide to Terminology — Introduction

The terminology in use to describe services of interest to FamilyLight is confusing even to those of us who have been involved in this work for over forty years.  It can be much more so to people inquiring for the first time regarding services for a family member in a time of stress.  This is a problem because there are no standard definitions for many of these terms. We use these terms on this website consistent with our intuitive understanding of what they mean.  But we caution people that not everyone understands these in in the same way.  Each state defines these their own way according to their own licensing standards.

These are the terms we explain if you look at the full page on this topic  -- For members.

  • Boot Camp .
  • Conventional Boarding School
  • Emotional Growth School/ Program
  • Inpatient
  • Residential Treatment Center (RTC)
  • Residential Treatment Facility (RTF)
  • Therapeutic Boarding School (TBS) 
  • Transitional School
  • Wilderness Program
    • Adventure
    • Expedition
    • Base Camp Model -
    • Full Immersion
    • Hard Skills.

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Last Updated February 21, 2015

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