Warnings — Introduction

Our experience with families that have supported a family member in a treatment program without the help and guidance of a consultant points to some issues that might not be considered when people first deal with this kind of need. A few of these problems have arisen unexpectedly with some who did work with a consultant. This page is here to give you warnings of traps to avoid.

The following warnings will remain on this page, open to the general public. Additional Warnings are on our full page on warnings. They all are important. 

  • A very few schools and programs are intentionally missing from this website:  Most schools and programs have worked very positively with us including when they have been subject to some level of criticism from us. A very tiny number of companies operating schools and/ or therapeutic programs have responded with extreme hostility, threats and general unpleasantness. These include programs that are very well known and heavily patronized by clients of educational and therapeutic consultants  and in many cases serve some clients well. This kind of clash leads to time demands we simply don't want to deal with. We acknowledge that these programs do some things well. But in each case we have seen resistance to accountability, documented in part by their unwillingness to deal with our feedback in a way that inspires our confidence in the true intent of these businesses. If the school or program you are considering is not discussed on this website but does appear in the index pages, then it is not part of this problem and we simply have not gotten to it.  Ask questions of us if you encounter that. If it is not in the index and not discussed anywhere else, either we don't know about it or it is one of a very small number of programs we are not comfortable with the level of conflict we believe we would encounter by listing them and giving our best appraisal. Let us know if you notice a school or program  missing that you think should be included.
  • Most "guides" to schools and programs on the Internet are actually marketing fronts for the programs to which they will refer you (as are "free" or "no fee" consultants). We were contacted by a company operating more than a dozen such websites. They wanted to buy this website. That company is a marketing company that contracts with schools and programs to find people to enroll. Some of these marketing companies are very elaborate operations. Others are "Mom 'n' Pop shops." Many have their own staff on phone lines at toll free numbers giving advice. And it is all free. That can only mean one thing.  Someone else is paying the bill. That means that these people are on commission. They are being paid by someone. Ultimately, that is the program seeking referrals.  Whether that is a website operated by the company operating that program or freelance individuals on the phone or there is a marketing company in the middle, these services are being paid to direct people to the programs that pay the bill, not to the best choice programs.
  • More specific warnings on our main page on Warnings.
Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

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Last updated April 6, 2018

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