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Main page on Warnings (for Members/ Subscribers) currently has an outline of the areas in which we believe warnings are necessary.  We will post a note here as we add substance to that outline. At this time the outline might clarify areas families at least need to think about.

The following warning will remain on this page, open to the general public: 

Most "guides" to schools and programs on the Internet are actually marketing fronts for the programs to which they will refer you (as are "free" or "no fee" consultants). We were contacted by a company operating more than a dozen such websites. They wanted to buy this website. That company is a marketing company that contracts with schools and programs to find people to enroll. Some of these marketing companies are very elaborate operations. Others are "Mom 'n' Pop shops." Many have their own staff on phone lines at toll free numbers giving advice. And it is all free. That can only mean one thing.  Someone else is paying the bill. That means that these people are on commission. They are being paid by someone. Ultimately, that is the program seeking referrals.  Whether that is a website operated by the company operating that program or freelance individuals on the phone or there is a marketing company in the middle, these services are being paid to direct people to the programs that pay the bill, not to the best choice programs.

We recall one person who started a not for profit organization and then billed herself as a "free" consultant. She started guiding families to certain programs.  When the referral was complete, she would then solicit a "donation" from that program. If the school/ program donated, she would keep referring. If not she stopped referring.

In most cases, "free" assistance is only out to help the programs to which they refer whether or not that is the best choice for the family at issue.

Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

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Last updated January 19, 2018

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