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This section of Virtual Consultant is an additional resource for families seeking specific kinds of services.  This supplements the Search Function and Index to assist families in finding the resources that will meet their needs. Use of the Search Function requires membership;  Use of the index does not.

This list of Schools and Programs Most in Play is being restricted to members,  requiring membership for pages with names of schools and programs in play. This page will remain open to the public.  However, pages linked from the outline below do not have individual introduction pages and do require membership for access.  Think of this page as the Introduction page for all.

The schools and programs that appear on the listings that follow are schools and programs that meet the following criteria:

  1. Schools and programs that are getting attention from families who are seeking services that they intend to fund privately, avoiding government bureaucracies. This may include those relying on public school support (IDEA), a system that allows parents a high degree of control.  We do not consider programs to be in play if they appear to be acquiring admissions through referral services that purport to represent the interests of families seeking services but are paid by the programs for referrals and/ or marketing services paid proportionately to admissions delivered. We urge families to avoid such services. Usually they refer only to organizations paying them, and the best resources might not be considered.
  2. A few schools and/ or programs that are not in play, but in our opinion should be, are included.

We do include some of our own opinions here although our reviews are much more based on our opinions.  By contrast, our search function is kept as opinion-free as we can -- entering search data as close to the way the school or program wants to present itself.

We welcome suggestions from readers on other schools and programs to include.

The fact that we have included a school or program does not mean we recommend it. Programs that we believe are among the most popular in our constituency are listed here, even if we strongly recommend against them.  Schools and programs that do not inspire our confidence will appear here if they meet the criteria in number 1 above.

We urge families to go through our recommended planning process before looking at specific schools and programs. The best program over-all might not be a good match for your family member.

Also of probable interest to people visiting this page:  Comparison of Northern Utah RTCs

Program types to be added:

  • Autism Spectrum programming and developmental disabilities programming.
  • Wilderness programming for younger kids.

The schools and programs that appear on the listings that follow are schools and programs that fall into these categories:

Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

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