Planning Approach — Introduction

We are beginning the process of restructuring our guide to the step by step approach we think people should take when planning for a major therapeutic need for their family.  As a consequence, this page will also be updated.  This is a project that will take several months to complete.  In the past we have presented our member services as a work in progress acknowledging major gaps in serving as a true substitute for a private consultant.  This page will continue to give non-members some sense of what to expect about full guidance if they were to become members.

This page heads a section of this website that outlines the kinds of planning process that a competent consultant would go through and a family on their own would need to go through if they are to do it just as well without a consultant. Doing this well is an extremely complex task.

Planning for a family member who has special issues, where residential placement is a consideration, getting the best return for the emotional and financial investment is a very challenging task. We want to give our members the ability to make very good decisions with this kind of challenge through guidance primarily on the web. We do not believe there is any single resource or comprehensive combination of resources currently on the web to prepare parents for this job without help of an experienced professional. This website is the first serious attempt at that. We hope and expect that in the future there will be equally competent competitors. For now we're it. We welcome others attempting the same thing we are doing -- without being supported by advertising (i.e. payments -- See Note 2) from the programs involved.  Multiple opinions will benefit the general public.

When families approach the task of planning for a person needing residential services, the approach tends to be to start looking up names of treatment programs and websites -- or maybe phoning the treatment program where another family you know recently had success. Unfortunately, this puts the cart before the horse. Very often families turn to a program that has served a friend very well. That could be a program we think very highly of, but this is not valid reason to believe it would be the best choice for a family with a son or daughter with even slightly different needs or even different personality with very similar clinical needs.

Effective planning starts out with understanding what makes your family member unique, not just therapeutically but considering the whole person.  You need to consider what you are trying to achieve and what are the specific challenges that need to be overcome in order to achieve it. Only after that is clear, would it be appropriate to  focus on what would be the ideal resources, including a residential therapeutic environment would be appropriate. You are seeking programming that matches as closely as possible what you think of as the ideal resources.

Our full Planning Approach (Membership Required) page goes into great detail about the process we are suggesting here.

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Last update October 25, 2017

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