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A records review may be of value to a family doing a "do-it-yourself" approach to planning their own intervention and possibly residential placement, with the help of Virtual Consultant. With a records review, we will help you to understand the kinds of resources that will be needed.   This will provide general information on what to look for.  It will not generally lead to a FamilyLight recommendation of a specific facility for your family member. A recommendation of a specific facility requires our full package of services.  A records review will help you to narrow the field of possible resources that will address your actual needs. Based on the information we can glean from a records review, we usually can tell you what an ideal treatment resource would actually look like. If not, we can identify what additional information must be sought in order to know how to achieve success. At least we can rule out a number of options that might have appeared to be appropriate.  

This kind of records review is something we do with all of our full clients. We are constantly amazed by clinicians of great reputation who do not do this. When we are dealing with a very complex client, this kind of review often brings issues the surface that had been overlooked up until that time.

A records review sometimes leads into a full package of services.  If you subsequently become a client for our full package of services, we will credit the records review fee toward your consultation fee, but reserve the right to treat the date of the records review as the beginning point for the six month period for an initial contract with us.

If you would like us to conduct a Records Review, please follow these instructions:

  • Insert in a comment box, "Private -- Please contact me regarding a records review." Add your username from your subscription/ membership.  This will not be made visible except to us.
  • At the time of this writing, June 2018, our fee for a records review is $300 for people who are already members/ subscribers.  Please verify that this is the current fee before you make any payment.
    • You need not be a member/ subscriber when you first contact us about a records review but you will need to subscribe in order to move forward with the review.
    • If you are not already a member/ subscriber, you may join/ subscribe as shown on our  "Member Area" page.  You will set up a recurring payment through PayPal.  When you wish to discontinue that, you do so by stopping the recurring payments through  PayPal. However you must keep your subscription active while we are preparing your records review.
    • To pay the fee for your records review, you may pay by (snail) mailed check, PayPal, Zelle, or other electronic transfer method that does not require us to subscribe to that service anew. (If you use Zelle, we will provide you with an email address for you to use in directing your payment to us through Zelle. We recommend against using Zelle if you are not already experienced in using Zelle.) If you pay through PayPal, go to this page, not the page where you subscribed to Virtual Consultant.
    • Where you can add a note either on a check or in a space allotted in an on-line payment service, please enter "records review" followed by the username you have associated with your membership/ subscription.
  •  Provide us with the records to be reviewed
    • When people engage us for a records review they are sometime very surprised at how much we want to see. Sometimes they find assembling all the information involved to be a serious inconvenience.  We understand that. But the more information we receive the more helpful we can be.
    • Please provide all school records, all psychological evaluations, and records of any therapeutic or behavioral interventions.  You might have other informative records that you will want to include.
      • School records provided should go back to elementary school if available. At that age, teacher comments are more valuable than grades but everything is helpful.  These help us to see if current challenges were developing even during childhood or were a product of adolescents or even later development.
      • Medical records are relevant to the extent that they address behavioral and emotional issues. If the record review is a about a complex illness, with complex treatment we might not need for every detail of every treatment, but we do need to know about associated trauma and any other possible impact on emotional health. This probably requires discussion in each case.
        • Individual clinicians usually do not keep records intended to be read by someone other than that clinician. Sometimes we get better quality information from a phone conversation with the clinician involved.
      • Write and send us an informal biography. This should include anecdotes at various ages and developmental periods. It should include references to the person's strengths,  accomplishments and successes as well as the concerns that led you to approach FamilyLight.  This is not the same as a clinical summary.  Yes, we want to know the history of the current challenges, but we want to know just as much about the person's strengths and accomplishments.  Strengths do not generally appear in clinical summaries.
      • Write a brief separate statement of the reason for your concern or the problem you have observed. State clearly the specific questions you hope FamilyLight can answer.
      • We may want to interview you and/ or the person of your concern by phone.
      • Send all of the above materials to FamilyLight by scan and email to with cc. to  Use the subject line "FamilyLight Record Review."  OR fax to 775-890-0957  OR mail or overnight to FamilyLight, 11 Torrington Drive, Greensburg, PA, 15601.
      • If the person whose records we are reviewing is 18 or older, records held by professionals can only be released to us by permission of that person.
  • When we have completed the review we will report to you verbally or written at our option. If a very formal report is essential, we may charge extra for that.
Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it. 

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Last updated June 29, 2018

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