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Search Function is one of thirteen major components of our Virtual Consultant Service  being developed for people attempting to select a school or program without the personal/ individual services of a consultant.   (Note that this search function is accessible only to members although this page is visible to the general public)  Two other features on this website designed to help with the same function:  

  • An alphabetical index to all schools and programs within the scope of this website that we are aware of. Open to general public.
  • A listing of the schools and program most in play among the constituencies that are served by this website.

We have identified over 100 characteristics that might be useful to a family in a search process.   We will likely add more based upon suggestions from readers.    You will find them on these pages:

We have currently entered data on about one hundred schools and programs.  We believe we have comprehensively entered data on all programs meeting our inclusion criteria serving children under 13 -- and a few serving only older people.  We will soon be starting on the under 18s and then go to the adults. It will be a long process.  Eventually we hope to have data entered on every individual school and program currently in operation that will be listed in the School/ Program/ Other Entity Index, when that is complete.  We will continue to post current information here as we expand our data entry.  

The simplest version of how to find what you are looking for, is to click on the characteristic you are interested in, on one of those four pages. We call those characteristics "categories" to be consistent with IT lingo. The schools and programs that characteristic applies to (that fit that category) will be returned.   But keep in mind two qualifiers:  (1) Not all eligible schools and programs have data entered as of this date.  (2)  When you click on the characteristic itself, you are applying a narrow version of the characteristic (category).  For example, if you click on "Anxiety Disorders" the return will be only schools and programs with a specific program targeting Anxiety Disorders.

If you want a broader list, click on the word "Tag" next to  the words "Anxiety Disorders"  and you will get a longer list including all that will accept people with anxiety disorders.   The return will be a screen for each school or program that comes up.  That screen, called a "search post," will have  with a limited amount of information about  that school or program, links to any other reference to that school or program on these websites, and lists of the characteristics that point to that school or program.  Those characteristics are links.  If you click on one of them, it will bring up all other schools and programs bearing that characteristic.

Note that the characteristics of schools and programs that are part of this search function are also listed on the left side of the pages of the New Format for signed in members.  This may or may not be visible to non-members or members who are not signed in.

We encourage you (if you are already a member) to go to one of the four  pages listed above and simply click on some of the characteristics listed.

Note: If the Category or tag you select produces a long list, not all of the list will appear at once.    At the very bottom of the page that appears you will find in the lower left corner, "<< Older posts."    Click on that to see additional schools and programs applicable to that category or tag. You may need to do this several time in order to see all applicable schools and programs.

For those who want to understand this process more deeply we offer an additional, more detailed explanation

Additional Detail on Using School and Program Search Function

Search Tools  (other than School and Program Search)

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Search Categories and Tags I   

Search Categories and Tags II  

Search Categories and Tags III 

Search Categories and Tags IV 

Last update June 5, 2015; minor corrections September 18, 2015

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